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Gun violence claims the lives of far too many Ohio children, ripping apart families and leaving a trail of fear, trauma, and loss in our communities. In the last decade, 1,071 children age 19 and below lost their lives to gun violence – that’s nearly 66,000 years of life lost by our state’s children alone. This is completely unacceptable.

We need your help to tell the Ohio General Assembly enough is enough: It’s time to take action to protect Ohio’s children and familiesWe need General Assembly to:

  1. Make Governor DeWine’s Gun Safety Proposals the Law.  Governor DeWine has put forth his 17-point gun violence prevention plan. Two of his most important proposals are Universal Background Checks and Safety Protection Orders that courts can issue to prohibit firearm access for high-risk individuals and connect them with treatment.  
  2. Enact Child Access Prevention (CAP) Laws. In 1 in 5 homes with children and guns, there is at least one gun that’s unlocked and loaded. CAP laws – which require that guns be stored safely so children cannot access them unsupervised – can reduce child accidental deaths, injuries, and suicide by 54%.  
  3. Ban Military-Style Weapons. We must limit access to assault weapons, high-capacity ammunition magazines, bump stocks and other devices that allow shooters to rapidly fire large amounts of ammunition.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am deeply concerned about the fact that a child is killed by gun violence every 2 hours and 34 minutes in this country, and the recent mass shooting in Dayton has shown us, once again, that the time to act is now: we don't have another child or another moment to waste.

I am writing today to urge the you to 1.) take action on Governor DeWine's gun proposals 2.) conduct hearings on HB 240, which would prevent accidental deaths and child suicides by requiring that firearms be safely stored, and 3.) take steps to keep assault weapons off of our streets.


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