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Improving Maternal and Infant Care with Doula Support Part 2: Training & Certification

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Ashley SovaImproving Maternal and Infant Care with Doula Support Part 2: Training & Certification

June 3, 2021

By Ashley Sova, CLEbaby

Meet Ashley…

Ashley Sova is the Founder and President of CLEbaby, a birth and parenting services business that provides birth and postpartum doula services to families across Northeast Ohio. She manages a growing team of eight women. After a traumatizing first birth experience, Ashley hired a doula for her second child. It was a life-altering experience that changed the trajectory of her career as an academic researcher. CLEbaby’s mission is for growing families to not just survive those early years, but to thrive. We want to thank Ashley for her expertise and research into doula training and certification and for sharing her hard work with us in this publication.

In our last segment we covered what a doula does, the difference between birth/labor doulas and postpartum doulas, evidence-based benefits to utilizing doula support, and barriers to doula care.  Additionally, CDF provided recommendations for optimizing doula support so that growing families in Ohio have an awareness of their options and access to doula care. In this edition, Ashley Sova shares what training and certification options are available to doulas, and take a deep dive with us into HB 142 which allows Medicaid to cover doula care services. Download Full Article

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