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This year CDF-Ohio hosted Lift Every Voice for Children, an annual fundraiser. The 2020 program, Lift Every Voice for Children, provided an opportunity to share our accomplishments of the past year, to hear directly from Ohio youth, and to chart a path together towards a brighter future where all children can thrive and flourish as they transition successfully into adulthood.

This event provided an opportunity to share the good work we’ve been leading and engaged in this year, especially our work focused on addressing and impacting systemic racism in our society today as well as our policy and advocacy work directly related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The event featured Ohio youth who eloquently shared their perspectives, experiences, and ideas as we work together to protect the dignity of childhood. Due to the challenges faced by Ohio’s children and families, it’s more important than ever that CDF-Ohio has the resources to be that voice for our most vulnerable.

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